Here are some of the policy reforms and initiatives you can expect 
  1. Declare housing emergency - in accordance with state statute this allows us to stabilize rents for 1 year while work towards conversion of nearly 30,000 units.

  2. Affordable housing solutions (e.g., concentrating on infill and conversion of hotel properties to increase affordable housing units, limit land speculation, tax out of state AirBnB (vacation home owners), lower the mandatory income bracket of $83,000 for 64% of Demings affordable homes - this income bracket is way to high! Incentivize affordable housing building. 

  3. Determine potential issues (forecast) pertaining to advalorem tax surplus (property taxes increasing) for middle class and fixed income families

  4. Budget overhaul for the next fiscal period 

  5. Address homelessness issues

  6. Reformed tourist development tax (the money must come back to the people and the communities)

  7. No advocacy for increased sales tax

  8. No toll road through Split Oak Forest

  9. Design a framework to implement the 2020 voter mandated referendum: Right to Clean Water/Rights of Nature

  10. Board of County Commissioner meetings scheduled when people can actually attend (after work)

  11. Participating in your local government in multiple modalities that will be recognized as public record

  12. Mayor that is accessible and accountable to the people (Weekly townhalls for people to attend in multiple modalities)

  13. Conservation mitigation credit reform 

  14. Wetland mitigation reform 

  15. Recycling program reform

  16. Establishing urban boundary and rural boundary in county constitution (referendum)

  17. Identification of resource gaps of marginalized communities

  18. Resource allocation to marginalized communities

  19. County wide elections for commissioners

  20. Retention pond reform & storm water management reform

  21. Wildlife protection ordinances & investment in wildlife corridors

  22. Many more to come...